Czechshuttle Transport is a company providing daily professional transport service. We will pick you up directly at your hotel, and take you to another hotel or any other place (hostel, train station etc.)

We have four-seater cars and eight-seater vans at our disposal. Our passengers can choose pick up and drop off point. We offer discounts for groups and hold proper business license and insurance.

How to book a ride?

Please use our booking form to book a ride. Shortly our staff will contact you to let you know whether your request has been accepted and provide you with other information. If you have any questions, you can contact us at

Shuttle from Český Krumlov to Prague and back

Czechshuttle offers daily shuttle bus from Český Krumlov to Prague and back. The time the can be arranged according to your needs. The journey from Český Krumlov to Prague costs 1000 CZK/person and it takes about 3 hours. We offer discount for groups.
Seats must be booked in advance by email at or by telephone at +420 776 644 011.

Why should you choose Czechshuttle transport?

– Safe, well-maintained fleet
– Reliable unmatched performance
– Booking online or by phone
– 24 hour service
– Affordable transport rates
– Dependable transport service
– Professional group and charter services from start to finish